“You’re either growing or you’re dying”….Unknown. Self improvement, or personal development as I often prefer to call it is an essential aspect of our lives. Everything changes. That is a given.

The question is, are you going to seek and/or respond to change consciously, or are you going to let yourself be pushed along aimlessly like a directionless log in the ocean? I’m guessing that you’re the type that seeks conscious growth, and that is how you happened upon this resource.

I have put together some of the best personal growth tools that you can utilize to help in living an inspired and empowered life and assembled them on this site. To be clear, there is nothing new about the concept of personal development.

Thousands of years ago, philosophers such as Plato and Socrates were talking about the very concepts of personal growth that modern day teachers are now teaching.

The only thing that can be new is you – the seeker.

Self Improvement Does Not Mean You’re Broken

The common misconception about self improvement is that there’s an implication that you’re broken and therefore need to be improved. There’s no doubt that you’re a whole and complete being – there is nothing in your being-ness that needs to be fixed.

If the world were completely perfect, and everybody was living in their highest and perfect state of existence, then there would be no need for conscious self improvement.

But the fact is that humans, by our very nature are bound to encounter challenges that require conscious awareness and presence of spirit. This is why personal development teachers have played a tremendous role in providing us the personal development tools and resources to wade through this sometimes murky human life.

Something For Everybody

  • Each one of us resonates with different tools for personal development.
  • If you’re a more hardcore goal setting type, you might like approaches such as by Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy.
  • Perhaps practical but mystical tools like the Law of Attraction or visualization techniques appeal to you.
  • If you’re the Wayne Dyer-type student you might enjoy learning about meditation techniques for your life and stress management.
  • Self improvement is also about the quality of life that you choose to live in how you treat yourself.
  • Are your relationships and/or physical health of utmost priority to you? Do you struggle with the concept of living in the presence of authentic happiness?
  • Whatever area of your life inspires you to strive for success, you will find the right tools here.