Many people believe that emotions are what make us be in one way and not another, and this is partly true. Together with feelings allow us to be as we are, although our experiences also have their share of responsibility. Is that we always live “updating” or remembering the feelings of the past. It’s the same chemical process, over and over again. Ask yourself what you can change about yourself to be a better person, what is the greatest ideal you can or want to achieve, what story or character you admire to emulate, etc. You are solely responsible for what happens to you because although you can say that others lead you to feel bad or depressed, you are the one who decides to stay on that path.

You can change your mentality to create new paths through which the brain transits more calmly or, at least, different from the known. Why not to get lively and use the hair extension in melbourne? Do not be afraid of what you do not know or do not know, the unknown does not have to be bad in 100% of the cases. It is proven that the brain is capable of helping to cure the most harmful diseases, such as cancer or diabetes. Our thoughts become matter, according to the most prestigious scientists in the world. People have the ability to change the architecture of our brain. There is no doubt about it. In the first place, it is necessary that you accept it and believe it.

Understands that there is superior intelligence above the known that is within us, you just need to wake up or use the hair extension in melbourne! Secondly, accept that your own thoughts and reactions: are those that lead you to get sick (there is a scientific field called psycho-neuro-immunology that shows that there is a connection between the mind and the body), to be in a certain way, to respond in a certain way, to react specifically to each stimulus, etc. The third step in this path of reprogramming the mind is to reinvent oneself. That is, to think about how you would like to be, both physically and mentally or spiritually. This means that the circuits that relate to moving your body, perceiving your surroundings or feeling emotions can also modify reality.

You just have to focus your mind on a single thought, on that desire, that dream, that goal and the brain will take care of the rest like if you want to wear the hair extension in melbourne none can stop you. Our mind, under certain conditions, hardly distinguishes between what is real and what is invented. By wanting to reprogram it, we are modifying many details that have been stored for years. This is not only for the internal or external changes of our body but also for what we want to achieve materially, such as a house, a couple, a job, a car, a trip, etc. Imagine it again and again and you will increase the chances of it becoming a reality. The mechanism is very similar to the one that acts with our self-fulfilling prophecies.

It is possible to change our mentality by creating new connections or “wiring” that go from the brain to other parts of the body, strengthening thought, establishing priorities, using the part of the mind that is responsible for making fantasies come true, etc..

And finally, it is worth noting that every time we think we are making different chemical substances. Negative thoughts produce harmful signals for the body. Take the test: think of something sad and in a few seconds, the sadness will invade your whole body. On the contrary, imagine something cheerful or laugh with a joke and you will realize that it is another predisposition. It is that everything, completely everything, is “in the hands” of the brain.

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